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Christ Worship Centre is a regional-scale congregation planned to be constructed over three phases. The first phase houses fellowship activities that constitute the backbone of community life. In recognition that some time may pass between phases, the fellowship phase includes a focal space that reflects spirituality in the form of a soaring circulation crossroads and a lobby of light. The animated arrival features a series of striking glue-laminated frames wrapped with a stunning array of purple, amber and gold-coloured glass, imbuing the lobby with an ethereal glow that evokes the essence of ether, thought to be the fifth element of nature and the living garment of God.


Christ Worship Centre


Surrey, BC


Christ Worship Centre




3,350 m2

worship entrance.

worship entrance


LEED Gold equivalent

awards & recognition

City of Surrey New City Design Award of Excellence

fellowship entrance.

fellowship entrance

Quiet in form and expression, rich in symbolism, and robed in the colours of gold, frankincense and myrrh, the new Christ Worship Centre houses the fellowship's functions that form the backbone of the congregation’s community life.

Canadian Architect

lobby of light.

lobby of light

lobby of light crossroads.

lobby of light crossroads

skylit worship entrance.

skylit worship entrance

worship entry and gallery.

worship entry and gallery

fellowship hall and worship space.

fellowship hall and worship space

lobby of light upper level.

lobby of light upper level

lobby of light stairway.

lobby of light stairway

purple, amber and gold-coloured glass.

purple, amber and gold-coloured glass

lobby of light upper level.

lobby of light upper level

glue-laminated frames and coloured glass.

glue-laminated frames and coloured glass



child care.

child care

To express the spiritual aspirations of the congregation, the “Lobby of Light” was born. In this spirit, sheets of clear, purple, amber and golden glass vest a series of wood frames, creating an almost vaporous glow. The space is both a threshold and a soaring circulation crossroads.

Canadian Architect