Acton Ostry Architects


Acton Ostry Architects is a leading Canadian practice recognized for the design of eloquent and engaging public institutional and residential buildings. Our work demonstrates a commitment to creating architecture that responds thoughtfully to climate, culture and context. Every site possesses its own unique character and spirit of place that we seek to accentuate.


founding principals Russell Acton and Mark Ostry

Acton Ostry Architects is an exceptional architecture firm with a unique ability to make ordinary buildings extraordinary.



Founding principals Russell Acton and Mark Ostry lead the practice with principals Alex Percy, Mark Simpson and Matt Wood. Since its establishment in 1992, AOA has evolved a carefully considered design approach that, with its particular blend of poetry and pragmatism, breathes life into even the most prosaic of programs and enriches the everyday experience of architecture.


principals Alex Percy, Matt Wood, Mark Simpson


I am consistently impressed with the strength of Acton Ostry Architects’ conviction and commitment to excellence in architectural practice.

UBC Director of Project Services