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Modest in scale and playfully animated with vertical coloured-glass sunshades, Vancouver Talmud Torah elementary school shares an interconnected courtyard with the neighbouring Beth Israel Synagogue. An interior street runs the length of the school, providing visual and physical connections to an expansive imaginative playground nestled between towering shade trees. A cafeteria and learning commons overlook a light-filled gymnasium and an artificial turf play field sits atop the roof of the school. Pedagogy is centred on 21st-century learning principles with clusters of classroom neighbourhoods connected with a series of classroom commons.


Vancouver Talmud Torah


Vancouver, BC


Vancouver Talmud Torah




8,360 m2

vibrant vertical sunshades.

vibrant vertical sunshades


LEED Gold equivalent

imaginative play courtyard.

imaginative play courtyard

VTT has been a leader in incorporating a new educational plan based on the principles of 21st century academic principles. The new campus and renovations of the existing school are designed to further support the flexible, personalized and high quality learning that are the hallmark of our programming.

Vancouver Talmud Torah

imaginative play courtyard.

imaginative play courtyard

interior street.

interior street

classroom commons.

classroom commons

individual and group study.

individual and group study

neighbourhood commons.

neighbourhood commons

teacher offices.

teacher offices

learning commons.

learning commons

multipurpose dining hall.

multipurpose dining hall

multipurpose dining hall.

multipurpose dining hall



gymnasium access.

gymnasium access

daylit gymnasium.

daylit gymnasium

informal study.

informal study

rooftop playfield.

rooftop playfield

The expanded and revitalized VTT is designed to facilitate new modes and methods of teaching and learning. It is designed to deliver improved educational experiences, as well as better academic, social, and personal outcomes for our students.

Vancouver Talmud Torah