The Independent

February 2020

The Independent is a 27,600 square metre, transit-oriented, mixed-use residential, office and commercial development located in the heart of Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. The project reinterprets, celebrates and reflects various aspects of the Mount Pleasant context, street life, materiality and colour through a bricolage of jumbled effects inspired by the diverse range of buildings from different periods and styles that are located throughout the neighbourhood. The form and massing is configured into five distinct building components, each featuring a unique character.

The triangular tower reflects the diagonal slash Kingsway makes across the city grid while a cascade of cantilevered penthouses celebrates the eclectic, independent character of the neighbourhood. A tree-topped crown symbolizes the height to which the first-growth forest once soared, marking the summit of the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood in Vancouver’s skyline.


Grands Prix du Design Residential Silver Award

MIBC Masonry Design Award of Excellence