Brock Commons Tallwood House

August 2020

Mass Timber Buildings and the IBC

Brock Commons Tallwood House has been featured on the cover of Mass Timber Buildings and the IBC, a joint publication by the American Wood Council and the International Code Council that provides an overview of the requirements for mass timber construction in 2015, 2019, and 2021 International Building Code. The tallest mass timber building in the world at the time of its completion in 2017, Brock Commons Tallwood House set a standard for mass timber construction that has helped lead the way for tall wood buildings to reach even greater heights.

Vancouver College

August 2020

Construction Update

Clad in striking white masonry and steel, the new chapel at Vancouver College is taking shape. The arched doorway from the original 1927 school building has been restored and incorporated into the new construction as the main chapel entrance. Following the completion of Manrell Hall middle school in 2018, the second phase of the Vancouver College redevelopment includes a new elementary school and will be completed in the fall.

UBC Geological Field Station

July 2020

Construction Update

Construction is underway on the new UBC Geological Field Station in Oliver, BC. A cornerstone of geology education at UBC since the 1950s, the historic site no longer met the space requirements of the UBC Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. The new facility will provide a simple, functional teaching, learning, and living environment for students to learn about field geology and practice their newly-developed mapping skills in the surrounding wilderness.

445 Kingsway

June 2020

Development Approval

The redevelopment of 445 Kingsway has been unanimously approved by Vancouver City Council. Developed by the same local business owner as AOA’s Stella Kingsway Honda project, this mixed-use building will provide commercial offices, ground-level retail space, and vital affordable housing units through the Moderate Income Rental Housing Pilot Program. 445 Kingsway will join a growing number of AOA projects that are transforming Mount Pleasant, along with our award-winning Stella, The Duke, and The Independent.