Vancouver Talmud Torah Elementary School

September 2016

Back to School!

It’s back to school time at Vancouver Talmud Torah, Vancouver’s largest Jewish elementary school with over 600 students. Children will be starting the school year in a newly renovated building with a brand new 51,000 square foot addition that houses classrooms, a learning commons, multipurpose spaces, gymnasia and a rooftop athletic area. The renewed school provides collaborative, project-based teaching environments designed for 21st century learning.


Brock Commons Phase 1

August 2016

Mass Wood Structure Completed

The mass wood structure at Brock Commons has been completed in just 66 days. The last CLT panel was placed on the 18th floor on August 9th and the last glulam columns were erected the following day, marking a major project milestone for the world’s tallest mass timber building. Construction of the mass wood structure began on June 6th and was completed on August 10th. Construction of the steel roof structure is now underway.

UBC Aquatic Centre

July 2016

Pool Tank Testing

Testing of the pool tanks is underway at the new UBC Aquatic Centre. Flood testing of the 25m lap pool is complete and now the substantial task of tiling the pool has begun. Further flood testing will take place with the leisure pool up next. Tiling is also underway in the change rooms, following which lockers and cubicles will be installed. The design is a collaboration of MJMA (MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects) and Acton Ostry Architects.

The new Aquatic Centre is scheduled to open early in 2017.

Brock Commons Phase 1

July 2016

Tall Wood Growing Quickly

After only six weeks of construction the mass wood structure for Brock Commons has reached the 11th of 18 storeys with eight levels of prefabricated facade installed. After a modest start of just one floor in week 1, required to precisely locate and set the glulam columns, erection of the wood structure and prefabricated facade has moved along at a lively pace of two or more storeys per week. Installation of a concrete topping at each floor level and gypsum board encapsulation has also been proceeding quickly.