Sauder School of Business

March 2016

Sauder Learning Labs

Rob Peregoodoff, Director of Learning Services at the Sauder School of Business, has been awarded the prestigious 2016 Creston Summum Bonum Award. Mr. Peregoodoff acknowledged the entire UBC Sauder team, as well as the Sauder Learning Labs facility designed by Acton Ostry, as being integral to him receiving the award. The Summum Bonum Award celebrates passionate teachers from all levels of education and honors the vital role that mentoring plays in the academic and personal development of today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.

Salt Building

March 2016

Building Resilience: Practical Guidelines for the Retrofit and Rehabilitation of Buildings

Acton Ostry Architects is pleased to see the release of Building Resilience: Practical Guidelines for the Retrofit and Rehabilitation of Buildings in Canada and to have had several of our heritage projects referenced in the manual. The book serves as a “sustainable building toolkit” that will enhance understanding of the environmental benefits of heritage conservation and of the strong interrelationship between natural and built heritage conservation. Intended as a useful set of best practices, the guidelines in Building Resilience can be applied to existing and traditionally constructed buildings, as well as formally recognized heritage places.

Acton Ostry Website Revamped

March 2016


Our website has been redesigned with a vibrant new look, significant layout revisions and additional features that include the latest company news, updated project information and improved usability. We thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to look around!

Brock Commons Phase 1

February 2016

Prefabricated Facade Update

The exterior cladding material for the tall wood Brock Commons student residence has been changed from metal to a combination of blonde wood grain and anthracite coloured high-pressure laminate panels that are made up of 70% wood-based fibers. The new cladding material will be installed on a prefabricated building envelope system measuring up to 8m in length and into which windows will be pre-installed. Glazing will wrap the corners and a metal cornice will crown the building. Installation of the prefabricated facade is scheduled to begin in May of this year.